Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Sorry Grandpa

Bill Buckley the ideological Grandfather of American Conservatism has fallen under HILDABEAST MANIA

Clinton, of New York, is ``a very consequential woman with an extraordinary background,'' he said. ``Her thought is kind of woozy left, not in my judgment threatening.''

Hillary's background

Aide to the watergate committee...ok
Went to practice in Arkansas because she couldn't pass the Bar elsewhere ( and she followed Bill along)
Her law firm career rose as Bill's political career rose.
She became a hose manager and enabler of Bill's to get him over the formative loss he had running for his first re-election as governor.
She was given many appointments by Bill as governor and president of which she did little of the work but was given all the credit
coasted to a senate seat on her husbands fame

What about this remotely qualifies as Extraordinary background?

As for her not being threatening... Bill do you forget the vast right wing conspiracy, how she convinenetly had for some reason FBI files on republicans.... I could go on she's a highly combative and suspicous person

But her being of consequence. She has gotten fame and wealth, and may get the nomination for the presidency not on her own merit but on the coin of her Husband. How does that make her a person of consequence?

Sorry Grandpa you are losing your ability to make a good vision of the future

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