Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Over on Able Danger Blog

They show the solid commitment of Democrats to national security.

Clinton national security adviser Sandy Berger helped host a Washington fund-raising event last week for Sestak.

Yes a felon, a man who destroyed original documents but got a slap on the wrist was a host of a fundraiser for a democratic canidate for the US house. And he takes the money.

Weldon's staff puts it into perspective

"I don’t know why this fund-raiser is so secretive–other than the fact that it is a fund-raiser hosted by a convicted felon, a man convicted of destroying information dealing with pre-9/11 intelligence," said Russ Caso, Weldon’s chief of staff.

and the perspective gets bigger if you belief in the unified Hillary clinton presidential conspiracy theory....

Last night’s soiree, held at the Connecticut Avenue law office of Harold Ickes and Janice Enright, asked for individual contributions ranging from $250 to $2,100. Ickes, a labor attorney and former top aide to President Clinton, was a strategist for Hillary Clinton’s 2000 Senate campaign. Enright, a lobbyist, who works with Ickes, is the treasurer of Sen. Clinton’s 2006 re-election committee.

the Democrat of course decides he is going to sell himself as just a career Military officer

Sestak, until recently a Navy vice admiral, said: "We've got a race. The fact that a career military officer can raise in 60 days just about what a career politician did is amazing."

but the reality... is a tad different

Candidate Sestak himself is a former deputy chief of Naval operations, who served as director for defense policy on Clinton’s National Security Council.

Hmmm obfuscating to get some one who is just a simple soldier who in reality was a politically connected admiral. lies, and hiding campaign events that stink real bad

yes they sure are picking canidates to "have the back" of our soldiers in Iraq


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