Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Jeb Bush gets into supporting illegal immigrants

Jeb man your a good governor and all.... but -clearly- man you are pandering to the wrong kind of people in the party and in the nation.

Bush, the younger brother of President Bush, reserved some of his sharpest criticism for conservatives in his own Republican Party, calling it "just plain wrong" to charge illegal immigrants with a felony, as a provision passed by the Republican-led House would do. He also opposed "penalizing the children of illegal immigrants" by denying them U.S. citizenship, an idea backed by some conservatives but not included in the legislation.
"My wife came here legally, but it hurts her just as it hurts me when people give the perception that all immigrants are bad," the Florida governor wrote in an e-mail exchange with The Times.

Ok Jeb when you tie Legal to Illegal immigrants you try to create a "third rail" or a "when did you stop beating your wife" argument

The thing is I've not heard among immigrants from any country -but- mexico or those who are married into the families of illegals this defense.

Let people in...sure fine go ahead. But their is a legal process. It is very clear that illegal immigration is on the whole very bad and very damaging to our society. So one very logical step to do so is making the benifit of that illegal action much lower and the cost much higher.

"The cumulative effect of some politicians pounding their chests about immigration is hurtful to both of us," he wrote, referring to himself and his brother. "I fear they do so for current political gain at the expense of thoughtful policy over the long term."

Jeb Bush pointed to the political damage wrought 12 years ago by California's Proposition 187, in which the state's voters backed a plan to strip illegal immigrants of public benefits. The initiative was pushed by then-Gov. Pete Wilson, a Republican. Some analysts have since blamed that campaign for a backlash among Latino voters that has made California reliably Democratic in national elections.

again note making all immigration the same. Thus making it beyond critique

And the Pete Wilson charge falls apart when you look at the realities of who voted in california for Pete Wilson and 187

Hispanics who voted republican in california also -shockingly- voted for 187
Hispanics who vote republican voted for Arnold even though he voted for 187, and attacked drivers liscenses for illegal immigrants

Punishing Illegals does not harm immigration and the parties hold on the hispanic vote. What does is the insane claim that illegal aliens are undocumented immigrants

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