Monday, April 03, 2006

Remember Ed Gillispie?

When he said people were Sexist and elitist for Bashing Harriet Miers?

Well good old Ed has decided to once again open his mouth and show the world what a fool he is.

The Republican Party cannot become an anti-immigration party. Our majority already rests too heavily on white voters, given that current demographic voting percentages will not allow us to hold our majority in the future. Between 2000 and 2004, President Bush increased his support in the Hispanic community by nine percentage points. Had he not, John Kerry would be president today.

Hispanic voting percentages are increasingly decisive in swing states like New Mexico, Nevada, Florida, Colorado and Arkansas. Mishandling the immigration debate today could result in the Republican Party struggling in these states and others in the same way it now does in California. People who come legally to this country with nothing and labor in the most menial ways to get a new start should feel at home in our party. As a rule, they are hardworking, law-abiding, freedom-loving and patriotic Americans.


First of all Hispanic votes are not the same. For example in 2004 Hispanics had a Hispanic canidate at the top of the state ticket here in Florida... don'tcha think MAYBE that has something to do with their vote increases?

Secondly: ED you DO realize that the California GOP during prop 187, and even to the election of the Guvenator has kept pretty much the same kind of hispanic support that they have had nationally.

So here is a question ed if -legal- hispanic citizens supported the GOP without giving rewards to illegal immigrants, how is that winning Hispanic votes when we flip the other way.

ED then goes on to make... a DISTORTION

Much of the resentment toward immigrant labor is based on the misperception that it is a drain on our economy and resources. However, researchers at the Academy of Sciences for the U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform have demonstrated that immigrants add about $10 billion annually in net economic output due to the increased supply of labor and resulting lower prices. Furthermore, a typical newcomer pays $80,000 more in taxes than he takes out in benefits over the course of a lifetime.

Immigrants are great Ed. ILLEGAL immigrants suck

ILLEGAL immigrants are viewed (by and large) as a drain not the other way around.

So onece again the White House sends ED out to beat up the party rank and file for disagreeing with them

Thanks ED we love you to

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