Monday, April 10, 2006

West Wing

hate to say this but if Drudge is right the "winner" of the election came because the West Wing writers chickened out

or they had no intention of letting a republican win ;-)

The reversal of fortune for Matt Santos -- the Democratic nominee, played by Jimmy Smits, who was the victor -- had nothing to do with any shift in opinion among voters or a liberal ideology of the show's writers and producers.


Instead, Lawrence O'Donnell, an executive producer of the show, said he and his fellow writers had declared Santos the winner only after the death, in mid-December, of John Spencer, who portrayed Santos' running mate.

John Spencer was a kick ass actor. He was one of the charecters who made the show

BUT... we like the show for its Drama guys. I would much rather watch Matt Santos and the rest of the Bartlett team watch the other guys take over, and feel the sense of loss and move on

something they seem to have not done int he last 6 years or so

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