Saturday, April 08, 2006

The I.R.S

I haven't done my buisness yet with them for this year *sighs* but Dean Esmay points me to some good logic about them from -of all places- the NYT's

You see, many people do not have a complex tax situation. They don't itemize. They get income only from simple places — like wages from their job and interest from their bank. And here's the kicker: this information is already sent directly to the Internal Revenue Service by taxpayers' employers and banks.

Indeed, for many Americans, literally every line they fill out on their tax return is information the I.R.S. already has. (If you don't believe it, try not filling out the "wages" line on your tax return next year and see what happens. You'll receive a notice that states your wages — and assesses a penalty for not reporting them.)

And yet these same people are forced to spend hundreds of millions of hours and several billion dollars each year preparing and filing their taxes.

Their solution retool the process. Have the IRS send you a form with all the information they have right on it. If we are going to keep the IRS around I think thats a good idea

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