Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Words that hurt my head

Ok I was reading the NYT from a random tossed at me from Gmail story and it was about everyone's favorite cuddly and snuggly south american autocrat Hugo Chavez. But the words from a conservative thinker to the paper made my head hurt...
"He's managed to do what Fidel Castro never could," said Stephen Johnson, a scholar at the conservative Heritage Foundation. "Castro never had an independent source of income the way Chávez does. Chávez is filling a void that Castro left for him, leading nonaligned nations."

Hmmm Castro was on the Dole of Russia when he lead the Non-Alligned block

maybe that is.....*GASP* a scam.

And maybe with Chavez's support of all the cuddly people Castro supports he should be really called leading the Anti-US movement?

Words that hurt my head continue

While the president enjoys the support of a majority of Venezuelans, polls by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research, a Washington polling company that has worked for Venezuela's opposition movement, show that fewer than 30 percent of Venezuelans believe the country should spend its oil revenue abroad.

If the majority supports him why did the majority NOT vote....

sounds like they don't support him and polling in Venezuela is difficult

NYT making my head hurt with its silly reporting

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