Friday, April 21, 2006

When Campaign Finance goes wrong.....

From my old Stomping Grounds in Sarasota my prefered canidate for the District 13 seat has some problems.

And when some one has problems the federal government finds a way to make them worse.....

Randy Maddox, who was Detert's campaign treasurer, took $97,000 from the congressional campaign early this month and flew to South America.

He was in Argentina for nine days before his parents talked him into returning to the United States, according to Detert.

When he returned, Maddox, 42, said he lost $27,000 while in Buenos Aires, so he couldn't restore the full amount he had taken.

His parents agreed to pay the rest of it back, according to Detert and an attorney representing Maddox.

But FEC officials say returning the $27,000 to the candidate could violate campaign donation limits that prevent individuals from giving more than $4,200 to a candidate per election cycle.

FEC spokesman George Smaragdis said that since the parents are paying the money back, it's a complicated legal question.

It shouldn't be a complicated question. But we have reforms which -frankly- don't have any sense about them

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