Sunday, July 17, 2005

The real Bush's brain....

A new Gate has been revealed in the blogosphere and the reach of it is total in the plame case. But some people have uncovered new evidence

Here we see Barney at a press confrence denying that he informed Scot McClellan that Karl Rove had "nothing" to do with the Plame leak.


here we see Barney talking about the current administration spin on the plame case.

but the depth's of Barney's evil knows no bounds

here we see Barney taking the fire extinguishers out of the Press room at the white house

Here we see Barney and Ariel Sharon planning to divide the Middle East

We see Barney Here whispering to George his instructions. Because no man would want to admit his Presidency is being run by a dog.

His control of the President is so great, the President won't even drive his own truck. The dog does that to assure his evil power over the president

Here we see Barney discussing with the President how his secret plan, later known as Swift Boat Veterans for truth, is working.

Here we see the secret slave Barney was given to keep the US government out of Dafur.... truely the evil of this dog is boundless.

Here we See Barney laying down the law to the administration "We need more dead soldiers in Iraq... then we can up our contracts with Haliburton." I am surprised the daily Kos wasn't all over this one.

Here we see that Barney has even tried to extend his influence over all the g-8 nations... i wonder if barney is the "great beast" they talked about in the bible.

Here we see the extreme's the white house goes to.. to protect a simple "dog"

Here he is being guarded again.. just incase you thought the first photo was a coincidence.

Here is Barney sending emails from Karl Rove's computer to various reporters... and to a Kinko's in texas... so was Barney the secret force behind the CBS memo's...

this little dog is a great evil and we should all be careful... for he is the secret mastermind in the white house

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