Monday, February 20, 2006

Another battle in the Cartoon Jyhad

Why did this cartoon get Banned? (H/T Michelle Malkin)

The agency quoted vice-mayor Andrei Doronin as saying that the decision to close the Gorodskiye Vesti newspaper was taken after thorough consideration in order to prevent inter-religious strife.

Now lets lay out -how- the cartoon was presented.

The paper carried an article headlined “There must be no room for racists at the top” with a cartoon depicting Christ, Moses, Buddha and Mohammed watching television together. The television screen showed two groups of people ready to start fighting, with a caption “We never taught them to do that”.

Volgograd Prosecutor’s Office has launched an investigation with a view to possible prosecution over the publication.

And in the kingdom of the new Czar this is an offense of a criminal matter.

Russia is just really a source of all manner of things that are wrong with the world

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