Monday, February 13, 2006


CPAC is a hot thing as they had their big festival and gathering this week so one has to ask who did they think is the front runner? (well you don't have to ask but some one did so here it is)

However, Sen. George Allen (R.-Va.) went from a middle-of-the-road presidential candidate one year ago to the favorite among conservatives in the 2006 straw poll, conducted by Fabrizio, McLaughlin & Associates.

The unscientific poll of CPAC attendees gave Allen 22% -- double the 11% he received in last year’s straw poll. Although conservatives remain divided, Allen’s plurality cements his status as one the leading Republicans.

Finishing second was Sen. John McCain (R.-Ariz.) with 20%. One year ago, McCain tied Allen at 11%. McCain’s strong showing came as somewhat of a surprise given his role as a maverick unafraid of bucking his party. McCain has also rankled conservatives for his support of a campaign-finance law strongly opposed by those on the right.

Hmm now whats this... a big timey political action committee picks to washington "insiders" at the top of their list?

-gasp- say it aint so....

now take a look at the rest of their list

George Allen: 22%
John McCain: 20%
Rudy Giuliani: 12%
Condoleezza Rice: 10%
Bill Frist: 6%
Tom Tancredo: 5%
Mitt Romney: 5%
Newt Gingrich: 5%
Rick Santorum: 3%
George Pataki: 3%
Undecided: 4%

*All others tested received 1% or less

and for the heck of it... lets look at another unscientific poll (that i was a participant in)
Most Desired Nominee For 2008

15) George Pataki (5.5)
15) Mike Huckabee (5.5)
15) Sam Brownback (5.5)
14) Bill Frist (6.0)
13) Bob Ehrlich (7.5)
11) Tim Pawlenty (10.5)
11) Haley Barbour (10.5)
10) John McCain (13.0)
9) Mark Sanford (13.5)
8) Jeb Bush (19.0)
7) Tom Tancredo (19.5)
6) Mitt Romney (24.5)
5) Dick Cheney (26.0)
4) Newt Gingrich (32.0)
3) George Allen (42.0)
2) Rudy Giuliani (58.0)
1) Condoleeza Rice (65.5)

One is more grass rootsy and the other is insiderific

Intresting things i see
-Bill Frist gets basically the same kind of numbers on both
-Tom Tancredo does better which shows a lot of folks don't "get" the border issue.

now who did these insiders and their tag alongs thing team GOP would be looking at in 08?

Of the following whom do you believe Democrats will nominate for President in 2008?

Hillary Clinton: 62%
Mark Warner: 10%
John Edwards: 7%
Bill Richardson: 4%
Wesley Clark: 3%
Russ Feingold: 2%
Evan Bayh: 2%
John Kerry: 2%
Tom Vilsack: 1%
Other: 1%
Undecided: 4%

So these folks only focus on names, and not on positions and winnability.....

nothing more to see here, move along

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