Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Poor Google.....

Now learning that saying Do no evil, then Doing a little evil only leads them to problems.....

"Under China's policy framework for the Internet, Google.cn is clearly unlawful," said the China Business Times.

A Google spokeswoman said the newspaper reports were groundless. The company's licensing was "totally within the legal framework", she said.

But as with other repressive regimes this isn't what it is all about. Leading Chinesse intellectuals including those with a very good party pedigree have come out swinging on the issue of censorship in China. This is what it is really all about....

But the China Business Times, a business paper with a sometimes nationalist slant, blasted Google for even telling users that links are censored.

"Does a business operating in China need to constantly tell customers that it's abiding by the laws of the land?" it said, adding that Google had "incited" a debate about censorship.

The paper likened Google to "an uninvited guest" telling a dinner host "the dishes don't suit his taste, but he's willing to eat them as a show of respect to the host".

Google's problem is by being so public about the fact "Hey we're censoring stuff" it makes them a much easier symbol to punish then some of their own internal disidents

and Google deserves it

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