Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Free Advice to folks running in 06/08

The time has come to push President Bush under a train.

Right now Securing the Border, the old Michael Savage stand by is a very hot and -now- Issue. And while it may be a bit of demagougery if you want to advance yourself in the 2008stakes but don't want to step out in front of the Illegal immigrant issue this port deal with Dubai seems to be a dream.

Now this is demagougery to some degree of the FIRST order, in other aspects its not. We have the Deng Memorial Port -a former gem of the US Navy turned into a special port by the PRC for the PRC- The fact of the matter is the US government has been tone deaf on ports and the border for a while. The difference is this tone deafness rings of much more palpable insecurity then the Deng does out in Long Beach.

If you are a member of congress and you want to seem "border-security guy" without cracking down on illegal aliens which may help out contributors or buisnessmen in your district this is a great way to look tough enough to the electorate.

Now if you want to be the real deal doing this and getting on the southern border is the only way to go.

Thats my free political advice.

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