Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Ok Very Clearly I need to explain this again

As people in the media really don't seem to get it.

Would that anyone could say the same about many of the deal's critics. Whatever their concerns may be, whatever their fears might be, they would not have had them, expressed them or have seen them in print had the middle name of the United Arab Emirates been something else. After all, no one goes nuts over Germany, the country where some of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorists lived and attended school.

First problem with Mr. Cohen's logic here ( and I think the deal should go through though I'm not happy with the deal)

A Private German company is different then a State Owned Arab company.

A Private German company tends to (by and large) be driven by profit not state intrest (*which changes more then Adam Smith's foundational principles of Capitalism do*)

But lets get to the notion for a moment that Germany is equivilenth to the UAE because some arab terrorists lived and went to school there.

Do cultural institutions ran/controled by the German state reinforce and promote the fact Jews are less human then Arabs? They don't do they... in fact in Germany such rhetoric tends to be illegal (but they tend to not enforce the rules on privately controled Muslim cultural insitutions)

So that is different now isn't it?

The UAE sponsored the criminal regime of the Taliban and the Germans didn't

now you can argue the UAE has changed, and I can even accept that argument but 5 years ago the UAE was snuggly with people who were giving safe haven to those who brutally murdered many American citizens. Such a thing cannot be said about Germany.

Now say in 10 years, or 20 years if the trend continues then it would be a less then fair critical point.

Somewhere in the White House, a political operative must have slapped his head in consternation as Bush made that remark. The politic thing for a President with a dismal approval rating (about 40%) would have been to join with the critics, get ahead of the anti-Arab wave and announce that he, too, was concerned about the deal. Instead, the White House stuck to its guns.

No, No it wasn't the politic thing to do.

The Politic thing to do was to make a real argument (Not "trust us") for the deal and win the people over to your side.

Demagougery never ends well and thats what the white house did.... that is very bad politics.

but then the article by Mr. Cohen is demagougery of the first order so why should I expect anything less.......

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