Monday, February 13, 2006

Free Speech...what in the USA?

Why no. I've been on a tear of late at the threat of globalization to American free speech. Here is another of those wonderful example's I just keep seeming to find. (thanks to sweetness and light for the story)

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Members of a spiritual group outlawed as a dangerous cult in China banged drums and cymbals near the city's annual Chinese New Year Parade, which had excluded Falun Gong for violating rules against political activity.

"We are peacefully trying to deliver the message that there shouldn't be any discrimination and they shouldn't extend discrimination from China," said Sherry Zhang, 35, a Falun Gong organizer.

The San Francisco Chinese Chamber of Commerce, which has directed the parade for nearly 50 years, claimed followers violated parade rules two years ago when they handed out anti-China leaflets while marching.

In SAN FRAN-FREAKIN-SISCO they are banning a group that reached out for Human Rights issues. But i bet if they handed out pamphlets against the war in Iraq everything would have been hunky dory.

But our free speech here is being restricted by buisnessmen who do buisness (lots of buisness) in China. they are pulling out their sponsorship of speech to protect their own buisness intrests.

Police agreed to allow roughly 100 Falun Gong members to hold banners and organize on the sidewalk on the parade route, but Falun Gong members said Saturday they weren't allowed into the Chinatown district.

Banned from China, now banned from public streets in China town....

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