Sunday, February 12, 2006

Welcome to the Future

Folks as the Developed world's population gets older this is going to be in your fffffffffffuture

"Ageing is inevitable," Blank says, "but we are being told the way to keep your sex life happy and active in old age is to not get old." Blank laughs, youthfully. If you didn't know differently, it could be the laugh of a 50-year-old -- or even someone 45.

"The weird thing about all these Boomer sex manuals is that they have the tone of a giddy, insecure 15-year-old girl," says Bright, who doesn't flinch in the face of the O-word. "The greatest thing about being old is that you don't feel or behave like one anymore."

Maybe -- or maybe not. That may depend on whose advice you're taking.

Age, not youth, will become the center of ads and advertising as the old farkers rape the economy of money and run.

assuming we don't fix the mess of the US economy right now.

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