Monday, February 13, 2006

Frank Miller gets it right

I was a while ago listening to Stan Lee talking about how we couldn't have Captain America in today's climate punch out some guy in a arab head dress.

Well Frank Miller (though I may disagree with his politics) Agree's with me

During his WonderCon panel, Frank Miller discussed his next graphic novel. Once again, Miller returns to the world of the Batman, this time with Holy Terror, Batman!. Though the title plays with Robin's classic catchphrase, the book deals with a serious subject. Gotham has been attacked by Al Qaeda and Batman sets out to defend the city he loves. The book, which Miller has inked through 120 pages, is expected to run roughly 200 pages total.

Miller proudly announced the title of his next Batman book, which he will write, draw and ink. Holy Terror, Batman! is no joke. And Miller doesn't hold back on the true purpose of the book, calling it "a piece of propoganda," where 'Batman kicks al Qaeda's ass."

The reason for this work, Miller said, was "an explosion from my gut reaction of what's happening now." He can't stand entertainers who lack the moxy of their '40s counterparts who stood up to Hitler. Holy Terror is "a reminder to people who seem to have forgotten who we're up against."

There is a lot of talks how Super Hero's express from a form of folk tale our desire for brutal and fast totalitarian solutions. And I think the same could be applied to the actors in the films of old who showed the best of our strength in Pro-Cause kind of movies.

We've seen (and Frank Miller as an artist has been a part of this) to much of our art and iconic cultural language going into our dark side, into the worst of us. Frank is now taking a big punch in the face to the beast he was a part in creating.

"These are our folk heroes," Miller said. "It just seems silly to chase around the Riddler when you've got Al Qaeda out there."

Miller gave warning on our expectations over the visual style of the book. "Be afraid," he said, adding, "I think it's some of the best artwork I've ever done." Miller's career took off with Daredevil, a visual love letter to New York city. In some respects this is an artistic return to his roots. "Gotham City comes under attack, so it involves a lot more industrial landscapes than I've done in years."
"The Greek's had their Gods and heroes," Miller said. "We have ours." And if you truly consider these characters our mythological figureheads, you have to wonder about their place and purpose in our culture. "What are they there for?" Miller asked, rhetorically. "Are they really going to be saving damned cats from damn trees?"

I grew up loving Comic books as a kid, and never lost that love as I became an adult. Frank Miller really is expressing why Comic books were great, and why with more artistic choices like his own they can be again

If these are the mythic figures of our age what dragons are they set to slay?

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