Friday, February 17, 2006

Over in ABP Land

We get to see how the Democratic Farmer Labor Party Supports the troops.

Here is the site which plays the commercial they are trying to shut down. I encourage you to watch it first because the rest of this won't make much sense

so on to the DFL email

If you feel that this ad is doing a disservice to our troops and is misleading at best, and pure propaganda at worst, please call:

KARE 11 at 763 546 1111
WCCO at 612 370 0611

to ask for the removal of the ads. Letters to the Editor in your local paper would be helpful to point out the untruths being communicated to citizens as fact. Thanks in advance for being a voice of truth, and for all that you do to improve the state of our nation and state.

and here is a quote from the site of propeganda

Meet Merrilee Carlson from St. Paul, Minn.
"We can't leave this work undone in Iraq. We can all argue about how we might have gotten there. But we're there and we need to see it through... I suppose we could have taken the beaches at Normandy,'' Merrilee said, "and then decided it was too expensive or too difficult to keep going. I wonder what the world would look like today." Daniel Carlson said his son's essay and the response to it have eased the pain of losing him, and he continues to believe that the U.S. effort will lead to a better, freer Iraq and a safer America. "He didn't die in vain," he said. "It will come." Click here to read more about Merrilee Carlson.

Add into this with a possible Al-Franken dominated ticket in Minnesota and I think we can write the democrats off in Minnesota this election

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