Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A weird and Funny Banned Cartoon in the Scandinavialands

This has come up in Finland

The board of Finnish culture magazine Kaltio decided Friday to sack its editor, Jussi Vilkuna, after he refused to remove a cartoon featuring a masked prophet Muhammad from the magazine’s website.

Harri Kynnös, the chairman, told the Finnish News Agency (STT) that letting Mr Vilkuna go after eight years as editor of Kaltio had been a difficult one. Mr Vilkuna said the board’s decision illustrated that it had not grasped the nature of a culture magazine.

“The task of a culture magazine is to arouse debate on important issues. What a grand way to interpret freedom of speech,” Mr Vilkuna added ironically. In the cartoon, the prophet Muhammad is depicted debating the meaning of free speech with a cartoonist.

and The "Prophet" debating the soft secular european on free speech is rather intresting

Ya folks reap what you sew

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