Saturday, February 25, 2006

In what may be the most depressing thing i've seen online....

Ya see Gainsville is the type of town you only like if you are going to the University of Florida. So This story out of the greater alachua county/gainsville story doesn't really surprise me. It does however make me feel sad.

Hansen said Smetzer was a soft-spoken man who lived in the area about eight years ago.

Throughout the years, Smetzer would visit his former landlord, with whom he remained close friends.

Hansen said Smetzer's landlord found a suicide note last June on his door but did not think much of it because Smetzer had shown suicidal tendencies for years.

A man whom he rememained frends with for years after didn't think anything of his suicided note

the results the man's skeleton was found outside the area where he used to live


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