Thursday, February 09, 2006

This just in.......

Was Ken a John Kerry voter? Did Barbie vote republican? Well take a look at Ken's make over and you be the judge

"Ken has revamped his life -- mind, body and soul," Hollywood stylist and Mattel consultant Phillip Bloch said in a statement. "Everyone knows how difficult it is to change, especially when you've lived your life a certain way for more than four decades."

We already know how Ken is lacking in the manhood department but seriously... how much more homosexual sounding could Ken be after this?

Ken, who appears to have spent time in the gym and at the stylist, returns wearing a beach-wear ensemble complete with board shorts and white T-shirt.

For her part, Barbie publicist Lauren Dougherty said Barbie "appreciates the new look Ken is sporting. He really looks great. But we'll have to stay tuned to see whether these two will get back together."

At a press conference unveiling Ken, Bloch said the company was going for a "worldly, European thing," and "definitely wanted to be looking hot."

Cause we all know little girls want a more european man.....

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