Sunday, February 26, 2006

History still is being written.

As I like to tell folks Human history takes a while to be written. As people say right now "Saddam Didn't have weapons of mass destruction." I just shake me head. I do so because challenges to the dominant view of a history keep coming and keep being debated in an organic manner. So I went over to swimming against the red tide and found this tidbit to help show the point.

The 90-minute film, Rendezvous with Death, features an interview with Oscar Marino, a former agent of the Cuban G2 secret service, who says he knew before the assassination in November 1963 that Lee Harvey Oswald -- Kennedy's killer -- had been picked by his colleagues to do the job.

''He offered to kill Kennedy, and we used him to do this,'' Marino says during the film, made by Wilfried Huismann, a prize-winning German director.

Marino claims that Oswald, a Communist who lived in the Soviet Union for three years, was identified to Cuba by the Russian KGB secret service.

In Havana, the official Granma newspaper Friday dismissed the documentary's claim, saying it was the latest chapter in the long history of efforts ``to annihilate the Cuban revolution.''

A Cuban involvement is one of the dozens of conspiracy theories that have long surrounded the JFK assassination. The Warren Commission concluded that Oswald acted alone.

Now while this isn't the last nail in the coffin and becomes a possible foray into tin-hat land Swimming against the red tide pulls up two additional claims from right wing bomb throwers.

Alexander Haig, then a military adviser to President Johnson, went on camera to say that LBJ believed Cuba was responsible, but he believed that if the evidence came out of a Castro link to the Kennedy murder, it would turn the country to the right politically, and keep the Democrats out of power for years to come. Added Haig: "He (Johnson) said 'we must simply not allow the American people to believe Fidel Castro could have killed our president.'"

knowing what I know about LBJ I find this claim very difficult. however the second bomb thrower claim seems far more credible to me.

“After Kennedy's death on Nov. 22, 1963,” Huismann continued, “[President] Lyndon B. Johnson found out that the US had a secret, illegal murder program focused on Fidel Castro. He hadn't been informed before that.”

“He (Johnson) knew that Castro knew, and he was afraid that the discovery of these mutual assassination attempts could force him to carry out an invasion of Cuba, which he believed could result in a third -- nuclear -- world war. And as a conservative pragmatist, he (Johnson) decided within a few hours, in agreement with Robert Kennedy, to drop the whole thing and to ban FBI and CIA officials from pursuing the trail leading to Cuba,” said Huismann.

I could see LBJ dropping pursuit of a possible cuba connection if it would have lead to a third world war.

was that the case? I can't say but the History is still being written.

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