Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Minority Forever campaign in the DNC Continues.....

Howard Dean speaks here for the Moonbat clan.

Dean told a student audience in Miami that "some skulduggery in Washington" improperly led to Hackett's decision to end his bid. And he said Democrats will have a tough time winning if similar things happen to others.

Now Hackett had p---d off Dingy Harry Reid and said some full out moonbat barks. The senatorial campaign committee felt his running would be (yes virginia) a bad thing.

and the tribe of moonbats bark back to

On Tuesday, soon after Hackett said he was quitting politics, the largest liberal Internet organization,, notified its 3.3 million members of a new strategy: working to oust conservative Democratic incumbents.

Another grassroots group that backed Hackett, Democratic war veterans, expressed outrage as well.

"Hackett brought credibility on the No. 1 issue facing the nation — the war in Iraq," said Jon Soltz, an Iraq combat veteran and executive director of the Iraq and
Afghanistan Veterans of America Political Action Committee. "The Democratic Party loses credibility on that issue because he is no longer running, and because they had a hand in his decision."

Does anyone else find the need to have a man who wore a soldier's uniform to bring credibility to -basically- the same position most of the far end left folks believed in on Iraq?

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