Sunday, February 26, 2006

It has come.....

For months and Months our Boy Loud Howard and the Democratic leaders have talked about their "Contract with America" well this is ( i think) their first release of stuff in it and well... it leaves a lot to be desired.

* A raise in the federal minimum wage;
* "Real" stem cell research;
* A balanced federal budget;
* Ethics legislation;
* No selling of public lands "for corporate benefits."

My first over all question the months and months of delays in releasing this document and this is it?

so lets look at that

#1) Minimum Wage
as we should all know ( I do believe I covered this point before)that the minimum wage is not the sole form of support for any family. The last stats i saw from the Clinton administration era that most minimum wage dollars go to households with 40,000 dollars a year or more in income. And of course it is very difficult to get a job that pays minimum wage any more. The minimum wage here in florida is 6 dollars and some change and you'd be very hard pressed to find a job that starts at it ( they do exist.) I can much more easily find a job at 7 dollars an hour. The stats also show almost no one is staying at minimum wage for more then a years time.
#2) "real" Stem Cell Research
You have places like California and Illinois dumping money down this research rathole(and for the moment until large scale mass production can happen -it is a rathole-). Its promoting cloning, yes stem cell research is cloning, through the back door. Its a mess and more federal funding down a rathole of research is something we don't need.
#3)"A balanced federal budget" and here is the problem the Democrats own a part of the pork barrell as well. The republicans can sell them just as much as pigs at the slop on this to.
#4)Ethics legislation here are the problems. Much like the balanced budget mantra they own as much of the problem, and as much of the solution as the republicans do.
#5) No selling of land for corperate benifits. Here comes the problem with that. Look at the national energy crisis. If this is sold in the National Energy meets National security crossroads this will be a milstone around the democrats neck.

Dean in fact conceeds my point 3 and 4 during this speech in Aspen

"But there has to be a clear difference" between Democrats and Republicans, he said.

Later, during the question-and-answer session, he said, "If you want to win elections you have to be different from the other guy."

while he speaks to emulate the Gingrich revolution with this here is another problem

Gingrich was on National TV on the capitol steps when he rolled the contract out.

Dean went to Aspen.

One strategy is a winner, and one is a loser

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