Friday, February 10, 2006

Dear Foreign Viewers

Dear Foreign Viewers;

I know a LOT of you have followed the Link on the Jyllands-Posten controversy about the Muhammad cartoon series featured here at Michelle Malkin. Some of you may also be popping over from the Commisar’s site The Politburo Diktat where some one linked to this post of mine.

I’ve also seen denish cartoons and danis paper in some of the search terms from yee old site meter. I want to speak out to the foreign audience that well… is exploding thanks to this controversy over at my little old site. I’ve been getting the occasional foreign reader from time to time, and a decent number of Canadian viewers as well (Ok… Canada is TECHNICALLY foreign) but as many of you have been popping in on a very short term basis I kind of figured first I should post a bit of Google bait to get you here, give you all my posts to date on this subject and give you an opportunity to get a better view.

Especially you folks in the Islamic world…. A lot of this controversy is over a lack of understanding. If you take a snap shot of those two posts your not going to understand my views on this controversy, or how they have grown.

So in reverse chronological order….

Here is my most recent post on the subject. I was taking the words of two Islamic commentators (one of which is extensively used as a source on Iraq issues by bloggers here in the states). It began to showcase something I think is important about this whole issue. Not only do religious jokes occur in Islam, but jokes against the prophet do as well. I think this begins to showcase the role of this controversy as political cover for events in the Middle East and showcases a cultural trend I am not much a fan of…. “We can say it but you can’t” when you empower a term with that negative a connotation and do it yourself after…. It makes the audience you want to be respectful of you inclined to be even less respectful.

Over here I showcase the “we are sorry” site.

Now this post here I am proud of because it is a fairly extensive bit of my thoughts on the issues coming into play in this controversy.

I comment on the firing of Jihad Momani here

I go down a side road on the poor comparison of “Christian Terrorists” made by some folks who think the commentary on Islamic Terrorism isn’t well…. politically correct enough and multiculturalrific over here.

Dean Esmay a great blogger plays the same card (and others) here and I do a similar bit of analysis on all that.

Over here I point out the use of Anti-Semitic themes in political commentary by the Islamic press which never gets the same opposition by our state department as this Danish cartoon series did. Their were numerous series in Europe I could have dug up to....these images were however the first ones I pulled up. No you may say being against the state of Israel isn’t Anti-Semitic yet when you use the same icons and same cultural language it betrays a whole different reality.

This here is the first post I did about Jihad Momani and how his words really impressed me with the way he just got it.

I commented on the sacking of the French editor who brought the cartoon controversy to the seine here.

This here is the post you’ll see if you came over from Michelle Malkin land.

Here I laud the French paper for reprinting the images.

And this is my role in the saga… So please read the whole thing and get an accurate impression of my thoughts.


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