Sunday, February 26, 2006

Well folks....

Frank William Abagnale was able to pass the Bar without a law school education, but who didn't pass the bar it seems? the Deputy G.C. for New York Life Insurance company.
N.Y. Life Insurance Deputy GC Resigns due to Lack of Law License
Wednesday February 22, 3:01 am ET
Anthony Lin, New York Law Journal

A senior in-house lawyer at the New York Life Insurance Co. has resigned after the company discovered in recent weeks that he had never been licensed to practice law.

Michael A. Watson, 44, first joined the insurance giant in 1996 and had been promoted last July to first vice president and deputy general counsel. One of five deputies, he was responsible for the unit of the company's legal department focused on investments, mergers and acquisitions and financial transactions.

He was able to make it for ten years until he finally became a VP. New York life declines to mention how he got exposed, which lead to his resignation.

Unlicensed lawyers have been a periodic source of embarrassment for law firms, corporations and government agencies around the nation. Some of those who practice without being admitted have failed the bar exam. In addition to passing the bar exam, lawyers seeking to be admitted in New York must also submit affidavits from previous legal employers and be interviewed by a character and fitness committee.

he had been gainfully employed at another firm so that can't have been it. SO he had the Bar exam and the Character and fitness committee

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