Monday, September 26, 2005

And now for some shocking masonic blogging

The Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of scotland resigns

Earlier in the month, a Sunday newspaper reported how the Labour councillor, advocate and Episcopalian priest was openly gay and was planning to remove some of the mystique traditionally surrounding the secretive organisation.

I am not sure what he was advocating but I can agree with a lot of what he had in the article

Mr Morrow said: "I have a huge passion for freemasonry. It has done wonderful things for my life.

"I don't want people to be afraid to ask us difficult questions. We have nothing to hide.

"I said from the start I wanted to be open about it and I have been making every effort to ensure this is the case. We need to be transparent if we are to break down the public's old preconceptions of us."

Mr Morrow agreed in the interview that secrets are part of the traditions of freemasonry, but insisted that anyone wishing to find out about the body could do so.

He added: "All the information is out there.

"When we talk about secrets it does not mean we are trying to hide things, it is just a test of character.

hopefully the defenders of sacred cows didn't down him.

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