Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Dean is very angry

Dean is not a happy man. Me... I am less upset.

#1) During a disaster time Rumors have a tendancy to spread as fact. -This I think is not news to anyone who has been in some kind of crisis once in a while in their lives-
#2) People tend to have a mild distrust of government as a rule.. when government melts down people will believe crazy things.

This is why I am not mad at all that the wild and crazy rumors happened.

We now need to hold people Like Kayne west, like Ray Nagin, Like Jesse "Baby Daddy" Jackson, Like Al Sharpton, and like every other racial demagouge that used the bizull shiznit to promote their race baiting agenda accountable.

We need to hold the media accountable to for running with Rumors. We know the media really sucks but... they should know better

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