Tuesday, September 27, 2005

"We're not all barking moonbats"

I was hearing defenses of the Anti-War (Anti-America) March by many folks on the talk radio today.

They were advocating that the majority of the folks there were just normal every day folks.

I'm not going to bother to try to take you opinion as an "honest disagrement."

Look at Ramsey Clark. Look at what he has said and done in his life. Look at the vile and repugnant things he has done in support of demonstrably evil men all over the world.

Look at cynthia Mckinney... blaming the jews for her loss, blaming the jews for 9-11, taking money from Terrorist groups.

Look at George Galloway. Look at his kissing up and appeasing darned near every non european dictator on the planet.

Listen to some of the Insane things Mother Sheehan has said. Attacking jews, saying this country isn't worth fighting for..etc.

Take a look at who the marquis players were in this big rally of all the marchers and ask yourself this question

"If this march was just for the anti-war movement, why did it feature so prominently so many far end leftists and communists?"

The answer is very simple... it was a Moonbat parade. The moonbats organized it, the moonbats planned it. and what people there were who were "normal" you were their claim to credibility.

You were their beard.

Do you think for one moment if this protest was more about the war and how the war was wrong their are people on the stage that main stream democratic party politicians run in terror from?

You see this is the problem... its kind of like a wife living with an abusive spouse "Oh he's not really like this"

and it is the same thing with the gay pride parade.... You don't see "Homosexual family man" as the prominent part of the parade because -THAT- is not the audience the parade is made for.

and your supporting the Gay Pride Parade as it is, just as the people who support insane marxist-lenninists and marxist-stalinist movements like ANSWER the more those groups will be given credibility, and the less any of your legitimate concerns will be given any credibility

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