Sunday, September 25, 2005

Da Popa~! V The Poopsmith

The Pope not a fan of the gays:

Our new pope is coming out against “gays in the priesthood”

I am all for tolerance and other hippie carp like that. But this is a good idea. Now let me say this is not being “packaged” good… but hey as the whole priest abuse sex scandal has shown us the Catholic Church isn’t good at PR and handling the media so much.

The Majority of priest sex abuse has been older priests and teenage boys. Now we have one other category that is working on the same wavelength and that is priests picking off troubled married women. The problem is priests picking on folks who are weak and using them for sex. The problem is no one cares about the married women who are having a priestly abuse of authority leading them into sin. Children are “Innocent” and wives are not… that’s the way it is. It’s not a gay or straight thing, it’s the fact people view children differently.

For years people inside the church have been agitating for a stricter standard on the priesthood.

Don’t fear for the “Lavender Mafia” (the term gay priests often use to refer to themselves) are going to be fine. They have entered into the halls of priesthood all over the US and Europe for decades now so they can’t get forced out.

Once again people with a political position contrary to the church see doom and a Queer Inquisition when the truth is we’ll probably see harsh psych exams to keep people out of the priesthood who will be sexually abusive with people who need them to be god’s go to guy.

Settle down people… nothing here to see.

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