Tuesday, September 27, 2005

C-In-C: A Review

Rarely does an idea have so much promise, yet get assasinated in the design of the storyline.

so que that spoiler space footage



A Republican Vice President nominating an Independent Former Congressperson turned University Chancellor to be his Vice President.... Not plausable. Not even if it was all about a gimmick of having the first woman Vice President. Could they have had her as a William Weld/Collin Powell/George Pataki/Rudy Guliani stripe of republican? of course they could. Wouldn't have changed things signifigantly for any of the over reaching plots at all...

It would in fact make the conservative daughter angle more plausible.

The creator of the show said he wanted the first woman president to be politically neutral so she could be representative of anyone... well in so doing it your probably going to make everyone unhappy with you.

Now. First thing she does ( effectively) as VP is put the military into a "don't f- with us right now" position. This was very good and I think having the president's chief of staff badger her about it... less then good.

The President calls her in to his sick bed and asks her to resign so the American people can get a president more like him... What they should have done was had her say "Mr. President, as you are incapacitated I don't need your resignation. And second sir, you asked me to take this job." they try to play her as the soft mushy person when we needed to see some one with more political will.

With the nature of the American role in the world being what it is, the idea that any president would want to push some one out of the line of succession is very dangerous to the country.

They played her as a very effective Vice President pushed into the gap by the death of a president. Her handling of the Nigeria situation was also very much what a president -should- do in that kind of situation.

Whomever wrote her speech to the nation needed to be beaten, drawn and quartered, boiled in oil, then fired.... it was just god awful even by the standards of god awful political speeches done in tv and movies... heck it was so bad even the Bush and Kerry campaigns could have done better.

Things I'd have done different If it were my show
  1. Made her a Liberal Republican Mayor turned VP (Rudy with boobs)
  2. Have the conservative daughter problem child be the elder sibling
  3. have the rivalry with the speaker go back to her days in the house ( it was a good angle in the contender which was writen by the same guy)
  4. have some one more signifigant the the Secretary of Labor hand in the resignation.

those are the four things I'd change right now

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