Sunday, September 25, 2005

The Carnival of Self Vanity-post 1000-

Since I have in this here blog put forward 1000 posts I decided to set up a carnival dedicated just to my personal favorite posts. then I realized that would take a long time sooooooooooooo

Post 1000 is my best of 04 post.

here in week one I talked a little bit about my political pedigree and past. In week three i kind of talked about what pushes my political buttons to. also in week one i rapped about my religous belief's here.

In week two I griped about the bad hurricane warnings they had last year. This year's hurricane warnings have been less "Oh my god we're all going to die" and surprising when we actually had a hurricane cause damage which was worthy of that level of hype. Also in week two I said why I bought into the swiftboat vets and their story.

In week three I talked about the fabrication of a cancer victim story by John Kerry as part of a series of fabrications he used to justify his canidacy. and also in week three I talked about the thought crime like attitude held by many democrats. Saying that Max Cleland and John Kerry were being attacked as Unpatriotic when in fact they were attacked for being harmful to the US military. Also on the John Kerry front here I talk about how John Kerry convinced me to vote for George W Bush. Good job there John.

In week for I talk about what makes some one a hero because I saw a Jet Li movie of the same name. I also came up with a great idea for a movie which I think was my way to think less on the stupidity of Abu Ghraib. I also endorsed some canidates for high public office and told everyone how my primary voting would go -even in the primary I couldn't vote in -.

In week 5 I join the blogger dog pile on Dan Rather. I also had some musings during a hurricane. (d@mned dirty hippies were on my mind)

it takes all the way to week 9 when i come up with something good to carnival on my general election ballot I also claimed I was going to drop off on my Yahoogroups usage by August of 2005....errrr...ummm....... and I also did my first baby step in cross blogging

Round Week 10 or so I told bush why the American people Re-Elected him.....And about a year later... I can see he didn't get the memo. I also sent a letter to John Kerry about his failure to achieve victory ( he didn't get his memo either)I also put in a strong bad refrence refering to the religous right as the poopsmith ( anyone who doesn't know who that is please see me after class)

In week 11 I said something good about Yasser Arafat ( He's dead... good)and declared November 11th to be the first annual Dead Terrorist day. and I started my first Hildabeast agnostic post

In unlucky week 13 I was kind of down on Christianity as a matter of religion for reasons I am not really sure why. But I was pro-theism ( in a secular theistic sense) here in America

Down in week 14 I lay out the ten things I don't like about george Bush.

and closing out 04 I lay out some predictions

Thats my best of 04 and that takes me up to the first 15 weeks of my blogging life here on Inside Larry's head.

I'll try some time later to do another Carnival of self vanity post like this one before post 2000 where I want to catch up with some of my other ( self selected) greatest hits

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