Thursday, September 29, 2005

Over in Raging RINO land

We came up with the idea of a "watering hole" something where we would try to focus the POWER OF OUR BLOGGING on a single topic.

So, I designate our fearless leader the Commissar as the second Watering Hole, and the subject is Ronnie Earle and Tom Delay. Glad to see the Majority Leader get his comeuppance? Think he's being set up? Is Ronnie Earle a partisan hack or a man of principle? Will the Republicans spend the next 3 years in a cloud of scandal? Let us know what you think.

So let me answer those questions in order

#1) Glad he got smacked with his hand in the cookie jar yes... not sure that counts as come upance. I hate olde school political slimyness in my leaders and that fits Tom Delay to a T
#2) kinda sorta... i think the prosecution is setting up an easy case to try to put him in jail ( but his actual criminal conduct is much more nebulous) I think they may have info of something bigger and just can't prove it... so they are doing it this way.
#3) I say its a little of collum A and a little of collum B. I think he is using this for his own political gain
#4) Dude.... where you been for the last 5 years now ;-)

-Mark Coffey with the questions-

Mark brings up a powerful point in his own blog

There have been some notable missteps, though, the biggest in 1994 when he went after GOP Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison for allegedly misusing state telephones for political business. At a pretrial hearing, the judge questioned the admissibility of the prosecution’s evidence and Earle declined to present a case. That led to Senator Hutchison’s acquittal, and many saw the DA as an amateur.

and IIRC 94 was when Kay Bailey had just given the texas Democrats a nice black eye....

So he Earle does have some political hackery in his past to give the charges legs.

The Commissar himself still has his grand jury out.

So I think its good we get sum of the sliminess and porkiness out of the gop leadership in the house

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