Friday, September 30, 2005

To the Enviromentalists who complain about Kyoto

Lets look at some facts

from Canada

Even within government departments, she said, Ottawa had no policy of buying environmentally sound products.

"The government wants Canadians to do their part in greening their daily activities. It should ask of others only what it is prepared to do itself."

Environment Minister Stephane Dion unexpectedly agreed with Gelinas' criticisms.

"What we have achieved is not at the level of what we have committed," he acknowledged, pledging to do better. "We need to be sure we will be at the end as strong as we claimed we would be at the start."

So Canada who says they are behind Kyoto doesn't support industries who meet their standards with government money.


As Mr Blair told the global challenges conference organised by former US president Bill Clinton, China and India "are not going to find it satisfactory for us in the developed world to turn around and say, "look, we have had our growth. You have now got yours so we want you to do it sustainably, even if we haven't".

Like US President George W Bush, Mr Blair now believes the key to reducing carbon emissions is the development of non-polluting technology.

"The truth is no country is going to cut its growth or consumption substantially in the light of a longterm environmental problem".

and Also on the same Site New Zeeland

When New Zealand stood to gain $500 million by selling carbon credits earned by foresters to bigger polluters, ratification came at little cost and offered a potential windfall.

But, with officials now estimating compliance will cost half a billion dollars a year, it is time to develop an exit strategy.

So do you admit the US congress had a point enviromentalists? that instead of signing off on something that looks good but doesn't work we should try to do something that works?

But to those people who are enviromilitants things would be ok if that EVIL US did their share.

and yeah you yellow, brown, and black people... you can't have a developed economy.

Kyoto was a horrible idea from the start. Accept it people and move on.

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