Monday, September 26, 2005

It came from the email box (preach on Neil_)


This past weekend I flew to Mackinac Island to speak to the Michigan
Leadership Conference and do a few guest shots on radio shows about the
FairTax. Finally got a chance to stay at the Grand Hotel. It was very
interesting departing the Mackinac Island airport Sunday with 1/5 mile
visibility and a 100-foot ceiling, but you don't want to listen to me
prattle on about aviation and flying. So ... I'll complain about
out-of-control kids.

We'll begin with an admission ... it seems that every generation of
Americans has something to say about the job the following generation
is doing raising their kids. Perhaps the reason is that we've seen a
steady decline in child raising for quite a few generations now. Now
the emphasis seems to be on helping a child develop a sense of self
esteem ... and that means never talling the child that what they're
doing is wrong and to knock it off.

Our first encounter with a family from hell came on a walk from the
Grand Hotel into the village. A woman was following us on the sidewalk
with three young toddler-age boys and one infant in a baby carriage.
The three boys were screaming and hitting at each other as they bumped
into everybody in sight. We finally stepped off the sidewalk to let
the family pass ... after one of the little brats grabbed Donna and
tried to hide behind her to get away from his bullying brother. Not
one word from the mother. She just goes merrily along down the
sidewalk with her screaming and out-of-control kids leaving a wake of
devastation behind them. About two hours later we were on the opposite
end of the village where we started hearing those screams again. Here
they came, the same oblivious mom and the three screaming boys chasing
and beating on each other as they made their way into their hotel.

The second encounter was during dinner. The restaurant was crowded ...
elbow to elbow. A family comes in to take the table next to us. Mom,
Dad, toddler and a one-year-old baby. As soon as this family was
seated the baby started screaming. The baby wasn't mad, nor sick. The
baby was playing with his mommy. He would scream at the top of his
lungs .... one of those long, loud high-pitched screams that could
raise the dead and lasts about 20 seconds. The mother would then look
at him and say "are you through making noise now?" The baby would
giggle and then scream again! Mommy would come right back with that
"are you through making noise now?" nonsense. Then she would look at
her husband and at the surrounding tables and shrug her shoulders.
Then another scream and another "are you through making noise now?"
The husband would then look around, shrug his shoulders and say "I'm

Sorry? Stop saying you're sorry and do something, dammit! Don't ask
the little brat if he's through making noise. Tell him to STOP making
noise, and if he doesn't yank him up, take him outside and whack him
across his noisy bottom a few times. This is obviously a child that
has never been told "no" or to "stop it." Clearly these parents have
subscribed to some new and idiotic form of child psychology which says
that you can never tell your child no, and that you much allow your
child to express himself --- even if the expressions are screams in a
crowded restaurant.

How I wish that mom --- skinny, long blond hair --- could hear my words
here so that she would know what an absolute pain she and her family
were at that restaurant on Saturday night.


I knew I liked Boortz for a reason

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