Tuesday, September 27, 2005

It came from the email box (Memri talking about the "peaceful" hamas)

Today's clip is of excerpts from a Hamas rally in Ramallah, which aired on
Al-Jazeera TV on September 22, 2005.

*Clip #866 - Hamas Leader Hassan Yousuf 24 Hours Before His Arrest: We Swear
to Continue the Path of the "Martyrdom-Seekers"

Hassan Yousuf, Hamas leader in the West Bank: Allah willing, we will
continue until we attain our goals and our rights. Dear brothers - with the
resistance, with the blood of the martyrs, with the blood of the leaders in
the Gaza strip, with the blood of the mujahideen, with the blood of the
fighters, with the blood of the martyrdom-seekers, with the blood of the
martyrs, with special operations, with the heroes of the tunnel
operations... Yes, with the blood of the disabled martyr sheik, our leader
Ahmad Yassin, and Dr. Rantisi, over there in the Gaza Strip. With the blood
of all these... The blood has overcome the sword. [...] We salute the
resistance. We salute the Palestinian gun. We salute the 'Izz Al-Din
Al-Qassam Brigades. [...] The polls show that almost 90% of our Palestinian
people say that liberation has been achieved by, after Allah, the
resistance, the martyrs, and the martyrdom-seekers. Yes, this one step in
Gaza will be followed, Allah willing, by other steps
elsewhere. Yes, our path will remain open, and there is no power in the
world that is capable of disarming us. [...] We will not forget your blood,
oh martyrs - [you] who have torn your bodies to shreds. We will not turn our
backs on the martyrs and their blood. We swear by Allah that we will
continue on the same path, the path of martyrs and martyrdom-seekers, the
path of the founder of the school of martyrdom-seekers, Yahya 'Ayyash, and
Muhi Al-Din Al-Sharif. We will not forget the two heroic leaders, the
anniversary of whose martyrdom is nearing - 'Adel and 'Imad 'Awadhalla.

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