Saturday, September 24, 2005

Random Thoughts from Sleep Dep:

I some times wonder, are we all part of a tapestry created by the Grand Architect of the Universe or if the maker of us all puts us all in an individual chess game and watches us move and then move pieces on the board he plays on.

My financial transitioning starts to clear up just when I am in dire straights, not when I could have stayed ahead but when I –NEED- the help. But as things are going I’ve made the change in my life and in that moment on the dark footbridge the one court of appeal I have seems not to have deserted me.

I’m being tested in other ways, And the human flaws in me about those tests is setting me up a very interesting new understanding of things. I just don’t know what the new knowledge I have means….I just do know that I now know some things which make a picture I thought I saw now have a fine digital resolution.

As the chess pieces have moved into place... I can't even curse my maker for using me as he has, or my attempts at using him. I'm more caught in wonder

I guess I just have to see if my pocket bullets are good enough or if I have to go runner runner on this hand.

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