Friday, September 30, 2005

Now out of my New BASEOP

Government Stupidity HO~!

"I don't think it would be fair to single out the kids and our drivers," said Karen Strickland, Hillsborough's transportation director. "If it was an overall endeavor of every government agency to turn off their air conditioning, that would be different.

"But some kids are on a bus more than two hours a day, and our drivers put in a lot of miles. I want them to be comfortable."

Not all students ride in air-conditioned buses, which many districts began purchasing between 1999 and 2002.

About 45 percent of Hillsborough's 1,300-plus school buses have air conditioners, close to the statewide average

Ok...... So what about the students who don't get the air conditioned buses now... Screw them right?

It is a LUXURY and a LUXURY that can be suspended. In Pasco county according to the article they only air condition the Chair Lift Buses... and I am cool with that.

But... sadly the stupidity of justifying this grows deeper
Stars twinkled in the dark morning sky and the temperature was about 75 degrees when Anthony Verderosa boarded a school bus bound for Tarpon Springs High School about 6:25 Tuesday.

The Palm Harbor senior said the bus had its air conditioner running needlessly during his 30-minute trip.

"We never need the air conditioning in the morning, but it's always on," Verderosa said.

Bay area school districts do not have rules governing air conditioner use while drivers transport students.

Drivers are permitted to use their air conditioners regardless of the temperature or whether students are on the bus -- and windows are allowed to be open at any time.

So lets review

Running AC when the windows are open...... NO!
Running AC when their are no students on the bus NO!
Running the AC in the early AM when it is cool NO!

Unless you are in government. Then that is ok

Maybe then Hillsbrough county can give us back some of the toll and gas tax money since they want to pound our money down a rat hole

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