Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The CIA is off the hook

for now. Here Is a translation of an article from Brazil about a book chronicling the fall of Allende.

here is the money shot of the article

Allende, frightened by terror, ran by the corridors of the second floor of the palace shouting: "It is necessary to surrender". Before he could do it, Patricio of the Guard, an agent of Fidel Castro and direct responsible of Chilean president´s security, waited Allende returned to his writing-desk and it shot him in the head with a machine-gun burst. Immediately, he put on the body of Allende a gun - making believe that he was murdered by the military attackers and returned in a rush to first floor of the flaming building where they waited for other Cubans to leave. The group left La Moneda palace in complete silence and after minutes took refuge in Cuba´s embassy, located near from the palace.

as much as I dislike good ole Kissinger seems he was totally off the hook for killing the man -helping the coup is an entirely different matter-

but the book, and the review goes on to show why even that might not be a bad thing

The book of Ammar accurately describes the last months of the "Unidade Popular" government and, mainly, it shows the advanced degree of direct control that Fidel Castro had managed to install -- by means of its hundreds of spies from the DGI (a Cuban service of intelligence), by means of its operators and implanted influence agents in Santiago --, on the Rescuing president Allende, his ministers and even his friends and more intimate collaborators.

Salut to Swimming against the red tide and to Bablu Blog for turning me on to this.

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