Thursday, September 29, 2005

Sully we hardly knew thee...

Over on Prism Warden we get to watch the train wreck that was once one of the bright eyes of the blogosphere Andrew Sullivan.

. . every moment we spend obsessing about the enemy within is one moment not spent spreading the message without. The thrill of exposure, the momentary feeling of self-righteousness and power that outing brings, may often surpass in excitement the daily grind of changing minds and witnessing to the truth. But only the grind moves us forward. And everything else ultimately takes us back.

Old Sully

DREIER PUSHED ASIDE: Any bets that James Dobson and Karl Rove vetoed? Any bets why?

New Sully

Sully has turned his hatred of the Republican's "anti-civil rights" position on gay marriage into something that makes him logically bling.

Blunt has been building his way up for the post of HML for some time now... starting to get out pac money to the right people

that could be a good reason.

The implication of sully is truly sad. And it is the ideological Kin of outing... especially when he has no reason to know if it is true

and Ace is with me on this one

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