Thursday, September 29, 2005


The Came for our violent cartoons.... and you were not with us then. They came after the smokers... you were not with the smokers then.

But this Shkite has gone to to far now people.

An AFA spokeswoman in Washington said the unions worry that moviegoers will take away impressions that will make it more difficult for flight attendants to "earn the trust and respect of passengers."

It is a movie.... It is not real

Because in the real world Jodie Foster didn't invent a plane

Nor was she an FBI agent

those things happen in MOVIES

Brad Pitt is not an international Con Artist, nor is he the delusion of a Domestic Terrorist group leader.

These things are not REAL.

Back in the bad old days of the 50s and 60s the sexy stewardess stereotype evolved.... and that is the way things came out. But it evolved because stewardesses were usually very attractive people.

This is different

This is a movie which if you've seen the Preview you've pretty much seen 2/3rds of the movie is clearly... A MOVIE

you are not exposed to stories of flight crews kidnapping people why

because that doesn't happen in the REAL world.

Nor do most kids think if they shoot some one with a gun like the cartoons used to do that they will be ok.

Insane people do... but we don't make rules for insane people

well... Unless your in a Union

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