Thursday, October 27, 2005

MiersMess is over

Now that the Miers mess is over it is time to assign a good guy and a bad guy.

I thought the nomination was horrific politically, and as the days went by we saw the nomination was an abject failure on a material standard as well.

Good Guy(Girl):

Harriet Miers is the good guy in this story. Harriet took control of this situation finally that was going off a cliff. Now if she did so just because she had her back Krauthamered to the wall or not I don't know but it was very clear to her -as it was to so many of us out here in the trenches- that her nomination was bad for this president, and would be bad for the court. She finally stepped in and became the Adult in this process.

Bad Guy(s):
The White House Staff was far less kind to Harriet then she was to them. A team of Lawyers and staffers should have been working over her Senate committee questionare. They should have refined it like a laser beam to make Harriet Miers wow the critics.

They didn't

The White House Staff should have known about her many speeches which were clearly pro-life, clearly socially liberal, and clearly against the way the President sold her that very first day. Because these things attacked several of the ways the President sold her it began to make the opposition snowball.

The White House Staff should have gotten a feel from the conservative groups out there. They should have sent a trial balloon out there.

They didn't.

They White House should have within 48 hours of the first cracks forming in the Miers nomination been patching the cracks.

Miers 1.0 gave way to 2.0 and even to 3.0.... just trying to move the product.

The White House set new standards of incompetency on how they put forward this nomination. The failure lies at the feet of the staffers on this one. Pure and simple.

Now the family squabbling will go away and we'll come back togther on important issues.

I predict the White House will probably nominate a slam dunk on our side that will do very well on the dems side.

Roberts did well because he didn't present any weakness... we need to go with that example.

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