Saturday, October 29, 2005

Good for Eminem

Anyone who knows me know I tend to like some of Mr. Mather's work. Anyone who knows me/reads this blog knows I despised Live 8. It was nothing more then a giant commercial to show that celebrities -care- and to try to take credit for things world leaders were already doing.

I am very amused that these two things merge at a nice point.

Geldof says, "Bono called me while I was in Africa and said 'he's (Eminem) not calling me back. I've got these pictures of kids wearing Eminem and D-12 t-shirts and we got them sent off to Eminem's office but did we hear anything? It's sad.'

He added, "If people don't want to do anything, then it's cool, I'm ok with that, but I wouldn't mind if they got back to us."

Good for Marshall for rejecting the farce of Live 8. And while Bob Geldof may be a stand up guy in saying what he believes consistantly he -does- have a flaw i dislike.

Geldof's daughters FIFI TRIXIBELLE, TIGER LILY, PIXIE and PEACHES are relieved at their dad's decision, because an old man hosting such an event would be "embarrassing".

A) I think live 8 was embarrasing and more importantly
B) giving my daughters names of porn stars/strippers is even more embarssing

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