Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Kofi Covers for Bashir and more Assadinity

I've let much of the byproduct hit the fan blades before I posted about the Hariri Probe.

The Sanitized UN version makes clear some very painfully truths for the UN
Dictatorships tend to kill people who disagree with them in an organized manner. But a little White out from Kofi Helps that out.

In the Arab World no one is buying what Bashir is selling

Prominent Arab commentators have ridiculed the Syrian media campaign that has tried to discredit the report, written by chief U.N. investigator Detlev Mehlis, as politicized, unfair and unprofessional.

Others have told Syria it will end up like Libya or Iraq -- countries that have been hurt by international sanctions -- if it doesn't cooperate with the international community.

"Clever politics are not run by editorials in the (Syrian) newspapers Tishrin and Al-Baath, but should be managed by minds that understand the world and realize that the world around Syria has changed a lot," said Ahmed al-Rubei, a former Kuwaiti legislator, in a column in the London-based Asharq al-Awsat newspaper.

I've heard various commentators speak of how Saddam spent money to influence editorial boards across the Middle East to be Pro-Saddam if not apathetic towards Saddam. He even duped CNN into helping present the image he wanted. It was very dictatorial the information control.

If this Hariri issue is the start of something in Lebanon, we may be seeing the begining of a more independent Arab media. I wonder if I was a broadcaster or reporter for Al-Jazeera seeing the mass graves Saddam buried under my silence... I would have to wonder how I could make it right with god, was I responsible for that evil.

I wonder if this isn't what is at play with Syria.

and who is trying to cover for Syria why other authoritarian regimes with seats on the security council.

China, Russia and Algeria are balking at the U.S. plan for a tough, immediate response, he said.

When dictatorships and strong foriegn buisness partners can block an issue in the security council, or raise a bogus issue in the General Assembly you see the failure of the UN system. As the Leauge of Nations failed for not having powerful states have a reason to stay, and not giving weaker states power in the process we now see that powerful states are voting their pocket book -not world security- and weaker states are protecting their own from the cause of justice.

We see Syria throwing out another staged protest and we see some of the worst elements of the international system, and some trends suggesting it may be over.

I think the Assads are culpible here. I think to that the UN wouldn't stand up against them because of the problems it would cause internally.

I think though the Arab world, and perhaps the Syrian people may follow the examples of Iraq and Lebanon and put the cause of liberty to removing this evil.

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