Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Al Gore Syndrome

After seeing it in John "I was in Vietnam" Kerry the disease is breaking out in Germany

Schroeder's insistence that he still represents Germany - the E.U.'s biggest member - means already low expectations for the meeting can be scaled back further.

In the end this has become an issue of ego. But the problem is when you run a parlimentary state breakdown of egos lead to break down of governments.

but here he gives another moment of chutzpah

Gearing up for the meeting, Schroeder fired a broadside at what he warned was the growing influence of both the European Commission - the bloc's executive - and the European Court.

"Nothing enrages citizens more than the suspicion of a creeping loss of sovereignty," said Schroeder in an essay published in the newspaper Die Zeit.

Like being represented by the guy they didn't re-elect

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