Thursday, October 27, 2005

LGF has more ghoulish images.

Here he posts a Link to a lizoid who had photographed the necrophiliac protests. He also posts to this response.

Mother Sheehan and Michael Moore making boat-loads of money on their deaths. ( Michael Moore making it on both ends of their deaths. These people can't deal with the intellectual aspects of their position ( The tortures, the rape factors, the oppression, the murders in silence)

I feel the pictures speak for themselves. I've seen abortion protestors marching and you could see on their face the sense that they were marching to stop the deaths of unborn children. I've seen people protesting the death penalty and you could see the somber attitude they hold about death.

These people.... they look like they are having a nice dinner party.

These are the same people I am sure who march against capitalism, and whom would march to force their ideas on others.

This isn't about disent.... you can disent.... and I can find your logic and your behavior repugnant

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