Monday, October 31, 2005

SCALITO thoughts....

Ok before I crack into RINO sightings I wanted to get my Scalito thoughts out there.

It has some good elements, the biggest political fault is the President doesn't get to pick a woman. And with this I see that it was probably a woman who backed out for Miers B or C pick.

Scalito has a rags to riches life story which i think plays well.

And it makes those of us who didn't like some one we felt would be wishy washy getting to the SCOTUS. So pretty good call politically. I'd have prefered it be a Hispanic if it couldn't be a woman but thats minor

I don't like the fact he is more like Scalia ( I'd prefer some one more like Thomas or Renquist) but at least some one who is more like Scalia will put the court in the right direction most of the time.

I'm much happier about this pick.

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