Friday, October 28, 2005

And now we know WHY Algorism broke out in Germany

We know Schroder didn't follow the example of prior german leaders and allow their successors of the other party to represent them at EU meetings. And now we know why thanks to the Medienkritik

Gerhard Schröder used his last international appearance as the German chancellor to launch one of his strongest attacks yet on Anglo-Saxon capitalism, saying the European Union faced a straightforward choice between never-ending liberalisation or the re-tention of basic European values. (...)

He told his fellow heads of state and government: "We are confronted with a fundamental conflict. Should we elevate the market and never-ending liberalisation at the heart of our political action, or do we Europeans stick to our basic beliefs?" (...)

When the voters of *HIS OWN COUNTRY* by a decent hunk put a party that was in the lead ( only slightly) of his party that advocated a more "Anglo-Saxon" styled germany he goes on -with no mandate- to attack the will of his voters.

When countrys following the "Anglo-Saxon" model are growing and parties in other nations which are advocating the "european" are declining we see now very clearly why the elites running the EU figured they would make the voters keep voting for the constitution until they voted the right way.

Market reformers are making traction in the more "european" nations and the traditionalists are running for cover.

Is it any wonder then only lame ducks come foward to speak for the European model?

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