Thursday, October 27, 2005

Schoolboard stupidity in the HBC

Ok the Worldnetdaily article doesn't tell you the WHOLE story.

Here is what they didn't tell you. Hillsbrough county just "happened" to plan professional days/teacher workdays on or around religous holiday observances. The schools idea was that it is easier to do it this way then to have a problem with massive absenteeism. Now we are getting a large number of muslim students in the area so they applied to get one of their holidays factored into the mix.

I have no problem with this.

Instead they decide to smite all religious holidays thus making it harder for parents to take their kids out of school if they are religously observant

I have a huge problem with this.

They say this won't effect the policy of protecting Kid's religous rights.... but this is Tampa

I guarentee you it will


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