Friday, October 28, 2005

Lt. Governor Kaine is a real Man

A worm of a lefty blogger ( a African-American lefty blogger) took the kind of racial slur that a white republican ( Robert Byrd would be forgiven) did would have blacks in arms across this country. and the Kaine campaign did the right thing.

Steve Gilliard burped some verbal waste in response

"I guess they have a problem with black people expressing themselves in print," Gilliard said. "At no point did they bother to ask me what I thought or why I did it."

What you did was offensive to lots of people. The Kaine campaign knew they'd hang with you so they had no desire to be -with you-

Lt. Governor Kaine and his campaign on this issue did the right thing.

And once again we see how hateful leftyblogs can be

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